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PL ONE Goalkeeping

PL ONE Goalkeeping located in Southend, Essex is a fun and fulfilling Academy for goalkeepers of all ages and abilities.

We offer a variety of programs and sessions, with top-of-the-line facilities and FA-qualified coaches committed to the enjoyment and safety of all our Goalkeepers.

Come enjoy the magic of PL1 Goalkeeping Academy in a Fun, Fast-paced and inspiring environment.



121 Coaching Sessions

Book a PL1 1-2-1 session!!! take advantage of a fast paced, fast learning session with one of our Academy coaches, whether you specifically want to work on a technique, cover the basic’s, or develop more advanced idea’s on Goalkeeping then we can help you!!!


Development sessions

Our elite sessions on Thursdays are the next phase of the PL1 pathway offering a more advanced coaching syllabus. It’s this method of development that has seen PL1 produce 8 keepers that are now signed and playing for professional academies in just the last 2 years.

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Designed for our beginner and development goalkeeper the group sessions are an ideal way to cover the fundamental principles of the GK syllabus. We offer various sessions on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

About us

Paul and Lee formed PL1 in October 2018 with Paul having spent his early years coaching professionally at Southend United and Lee playing professional at Charlton Athletic as a youth goalkeeper.There passion, vision and ambition is what sets PL1 apart from any other academy and has now made them the most recognised goalkeeping academy in Essex.

With Paul’s experience in coaching youths and Lee’s passion for the development of the foundation stage they have the perfect mixture for success.In just 2 years PL1 have produced 8 keepers that are now signed and playing for professional clubs.

If your dreaming of being a professional or just love being part of the goalkeeper family your definitely in the right place at PL1.

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PL1 is the leading goalkeeping academy in Essex providing a variety of programs and sessions, with top of the line facilities and FA qualified coaches commited to the enjoyment and development of all our keepers.